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The other day I was watching Tron: Legacy and there was one point where our hero’s were flying over a vast ocean of data chased by the bad guys. The bad guys were trying to shoot them out of the sky or force them to drown in the deep ocean of seemingly random data before our hero’s can get to the island of insight and get the hell out of dodge.

Quite a big data problem our hero’s have. So how did they cope. Well they had an aircraft (system) with the ability to fly fast and to allow them to shoot back (efficient architecture). Now the enemy aircraft were coming at them in volume, velocity and variety.

Okay for those of you who,watched the movie I guess I am taking this metaphor way too far. But the upshot is to not drown in this sea of data one must look at ones own enterprise architectures whether it’s data, application or I.T.

Anyway more later. Gotta get on my lightcycle and get to work. Even as CTO I can still get derezzed

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