Hi Everyone!

How do I explain what we do? I know with a story. Now imagine my voice like a 1950s detective novel, and read on.

I was having a conversation with a family friend. This friend was a senior executive of a leading financial institution and is now running a venture capital fund. She asked me what I was doing these days. I spoke about my company and our flagship product Lyticas. I went on to talk about Financial Analytics, Big Data, private cloud etc. Without realising it I began to be talking in buzzwords and soundbites.

It was then she stopped me and said, “yes dear but what exactly do you?” For a moment I was stomped. I then paused collected my thoughts and began again.

I then asked her “auntie what do you do in venture capital and how did your experience at your previous company help you in your current capacity?”

She replied, “A critical part of VC, is in making accurate company valuations and benchmarking against other companies in the sector. We look closely at revenue and the prospects for growth.”

I heard this and asked, “do you do these things to decide whether a company is worth investing in and also if you have already invested, is this company on track?”

“Indeed!”, she replied.

“Cool! So how do you get your information? How long does it take to compile, process it and maintain the information. I say maintain as it’s always changing?”, I asked intently.

” we have a team of analysts and interns to do it. I don’t get involved myself!”, she said rather quickly.

“Well Aunty I can now describe to you what we do!”, I exclaimed, “our software helps you to make accurate company evaluations, by gathering data, processing it and providing the tools to help benchmark and forecast.”

“But honey we do that already how is your offering different?”

“We make it faster, greatly improve accuracy and make the information secure, yet accessible to wherever you are. There are no infrastructure costs as its in private cloud and supported 24/7″.

“Really? Show me!”

So in ten minutes, from her iPhone 6 we signed up to our application, http://app.lyticas-technology.com and began looking at the working capitals, earnings and equity ratios of recently IPO’ed SEC listed companies.

“What about the big blue chip, I have friends who look at economic forecasting, basically pension people and Swiss bankers who look after private wealth management?”

“Sure!”, and then we did an instant comparison of Microsoft, Apple, General Motors, Tesla, Johnson&Johnson, Pfizer, Marriot, Halliburton and Macy’s”.

I kid you not we looked at a mini portfolio the kind a private wealth manager would look at for his favourite Russian Oligarch.

“Okay”, she said, “what are you doing Monday?”
Yeah I know that script sounds as cheesy an informercial on cable TV. But I stand by what we do as a company, enable timely, effective execution in the area of company valuation, benchmarking and forecasting. We never stand still, we are always learning and moving ahead.

Actually you can sign up, just click on the link, http://app.lyticas-technology.com and let me know when you have signed up, ari@apurbatech.com. Myself or a colleague will take you through it and depending on if it’s right for you arrange a full system trial.